16 -19 MAY 2022
Luanda, Republic of Angola

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AME Trade Ltd

​Office 403
4th Floor
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place,
London, WC1H9BB
United Kingdom



International Contact:
T: +44 (0)207 700 4949
E: cape@ametrade.org


Central Africa Contact:
Taniform Jude Awambeng
T: +237 (0)677 750 868
E: cape@ametrade.org


Local Contact:
Igor Filipe Nteka
E: salesangola@ametrade.org


Rua Antonio Barroso,
Travessa Dr Cordeiro
da Mata No12
Luanda – Angola
Tel: + 244 945 3777 777
+ 244 995 773 777